Angie - Teacher

I had the privilege of meeting the management of RED TEACHERS in September 2012: In paticular Chris Johns and Neil Beytell. RED TEACHERS is an international educational consultancy, sourcing and providing job opportuities for teachers in the United Kingdom. They were the company that I worked for in a supply capacity.

During the period of a year, from September 2012 to September 2013, the company sought and provided on-going job opportunities which kept me in consistent employment. They were highly efficient andd very professional at all times and in all interactions, and every school in which I taught considered them highly. They had an on-going professional and solid working relationship with each school, providing me with a secure and deeply respected support system each time I went into work.  The administration related to supply teaching, such as payment of salaries, negotiation with the schools, interviews and support of me while in the environment was superb. At all times I felt thoroughly understood, guided, and supported, which made for a very secure working relationship with the school. The management also tried in every situation to identify schools which would meet with my personal teaching style. This made the environments and my abilities and needs fit well.

The directors were very compassionate, showing real concern and interest in my own family and personal needs that refected a genuine care of my wider context. Details that I had previously shared, were remembered and my welfare was always sensitively and compassionately considered.  As the company deals with many diverse teachers, this was not only much appreciated, but also very impressive. While Red Teachers was the employing company, there was genuine concern for the whole individual and the success of all relative relationships.

I am deeply grateful to Mr. Johns and Mr.Beytell, in particular, for their outstanding help and provision over this last year. They have provided an excellent opportuity which has opened many doors to me for further development and personal growth: which includes many aspects of awareness of teaching techniques, in a wider educational context as well as opportunities for personal advancement through various CPD sessions that the different schools provided. I feel that I have grown in so many different areas in my own teaching and personal awareness of the pupils through their help and intervention, for which I am thankful. It is an exceptional company and I would welcome any further opportunity to work with them.

Yours faitfully


Angie - Teacher

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