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If you are placed on a permanent contract with a school then you will be paid in accordance with the School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions Document.

Pay Scale for Classroom Teachers (Main scale)
Scale Point Annual Salary England & Wales (excluding London) Annual Salary Inner London Area Annual Salary Outer London Area Annual Salary Fringe Area
1 £22,917 £28,660 £26,662 £24,018
2 £24,243 £30,155 £28,315 £25,828
3 £26,716 £31,726 £30,067 £27,815
4 £28,772 £33,379 £31,929 £29,878
5 £31,039 £35,947 £34,637 £32,139
6 £33,824 £39,006 £37,645 £34,934

Alternatively, if you are placed on a contract with us at Recruitment for Education (REd), we can actually offer you a way of improving your take home pay…

Maximising Your Pay Through An Umbrella Company

Working with REd enables you to have the luxury of choosing how you get paid - either through PAYE or through an umbrella company, who can increase the take home pay of temporary workers by offsetting work related expenses like travel and accomodation, for example.

The PAYE system taxes you on your full gross pay; however, being paid through an umbrella company, your allowable expenses are deducted from your full gross income before you are taxed. This means that they are effectively paid to you tax free, increasing your take home pay.

This process can help increase your take home more pay, you can choose from a number of different Umbrella Companies.

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