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Posted:08 December 2017
Reference:REDEARTH Opportunity
Job Type:Volunteer
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RedEarth Volunteer Vacancies

We are currently looking for TWO long term volunteers to work on projects with our Ugandan team. The one year programme includes free accommodation, a weekly allowance and flights. You will provide support and training to teachers in under-resourced rural schools, which will go on to impact hundreds of teachers and thousands of children across Uganda.


How can I apply to RedEarth Education Volunteer Programme?


Applications to the 2016 Programme are now open. To apply please send your CV and Cover Letter to


Why should I join RedEarth Education?


RedEarth Education offers volunteers the chance to make a real difference in an education system where 80% of children do not finish primary school. Working closely with rural schools, you will help teachers develop and improve their practices, and create a positive learning environment in which children want to come to school and enjoy learning. Helping these children remain in school is crucial to improving their life chances and helping their families escape the cycle of poverty. By bringing about change at a grassroots level, a chain of learning is carried from teachers to the schools in their region, meaning that the training our volunteers deliver goes on to impact hundreds of teachers and thousands of children across Uganda.


Who are we looking for?


Candidates must be qualified teachers currently working in the UK, with at least 3 years’ experience (primary or secondary), and must be able to commit to a one year placement in Uganda. We are looking for educators who are committed to long-term change and have the perseverance to work hard in challenging situations.


What does the RedEarth Education Volunteer Programme entail?


This is a one year commitment during which our volunteers provide support and training, under the direction of the RedEarth Team, to teachers in under-resourced, overcrowded rural schools. As qualified teachers, our volunteers use their professional knowledge and experience to support schools in improving their teaching practices, using strategies to engage and inspire students, and motivate them to achieve their highest potential.


Volunteers will be asked to:


  1. Deliver training and workshops to local teachers, helping them develop new skills, build confidence in their work and motivate them to continue improving their teaching.
  2. Monitor and support schools on a regular basis, assisting teachers in implementing these changes within their classrooms
  3. Undertake assessments to ensure that schools are implementing these changes and achieving the goals that have been set by RedEarth
  4. Create locally sourced learning materials, aids and resources which help children be more active and independent in lessons



What does RedEarth provide you with during your stay?


Throughout the year, we provide our long-term volunteers with:


  1. free accommodation
  2. a weekly allowance to cover living costs


Your flight to and from Uganda is generously funded by the Teacher Recruitment Agency, REd Teachers. Prior to your arrival, we ask you to raise £2,000 through various fundraisers to contribute towards your living expenses. We provide support in setting up and promoting your fundraising events to ensure this is met.


Where will I live?


RedEarth Education is based in Masindi, a friendly and bustling, small market town in Western Uganda, 200km west of the capital Kampala, and about 2 hours drive from the Murchison Falls National Park. Volunteers will have their own bedroom and shower-room, with shared living and kitchen facilities. This is within a gated compound close to the town centre. There are local restaurants and hotels nearby, banks and ATMs are available, and a local clinic offers good medical facilities.



Where will I be working?


Our work is centred in Masindi District, in western Uganda. Volunteers will travel to various rural schools throughout the district and, as Redearth is expanding, some work is also done in other districts of Uganda.



Will I receive training before I begin working with RedEarth Education?


Most training is done on arrival in Masindi, though there may be opportunities for pre-departure training and orientation in UK. You will always be able to speak to current and previous volunteers by phone/skype


How will the RedEarth Education Volunteer Programme help me grow professionally?


Professional development grows out of experiences that extend skills, challenge attitudes, opinions and preconceptions, test resilience and patience, and inspire. The contextual differences that a volunteer will encounter make the experiences unusual and unexpected, drawing on their reserves of creativity and capacity for flexibility as they work to help the children achieve better and stay in school.


What are the schools and the quality of education like in Uganda?


Universal Primary Education (UPE) was introduced in Uganda in 1997. Despite rapid improvements, essential resources (buildings, teachers, and materials) are still far fewer than needed. Generally, classrooms consist of a poorly lit room with brick or unpainted plaster walls, mud or dusty floors, some wooden bench-desks and a pitted, plaster blackboard. Windows are without glass. Classes are large – often over 100 and sometimes exceeding 300.

Resources are minimal. Children are taught to read without books and write in substandard exercise books which their parents must provide for them. Teaching methods tend to be didactic and teachers have limited opportunity for professional development.

During your time with RedEarth, you will begin to see the positive impact your work is having on many schools. Teachers are eager to put into practice new methods and the classrooms are beginning to be transformed into colourful, engaging learning environments.



Hear what previous RedEarth volunteers have to say about their experience:


“As a Primary Teacher, working with children and teachers in the beautiful setting of rural Ugandan schools has given me the opportunity to reflect on what is important in education today. Through working with RedEarth, I have been able to refine and develop my own skills as a teacher as well as sharing my knowledge and experience to make an impact on the quality of teaching and learning here.


Seeing the difference this makes to teachers and children has been extremely rewarding and is something I will never forget.” – Nikki King


“I really feel that the way in which RedEarth works is extremely effective in making a long-term difference to education. Offering training to teachers, visiting schools and building relationships with headteachers, giving invaluable support and feedback are particular aspects of the work that I enjoyed. It is work in which I am very proud to be involved.” – Ali Spinks


“If I had to identify just one thing as the very best part of the experience, it would probably be having the opportunity to use my training, skills and experience to support others and to influence the progression of teachers and schools. I have seen, first hand, the impact that RedEarth has had on education and I feel immensely privileged to be (a very small) part of that. I have also loved just being in Uganda, living in a new (and beautiful place), working with new (sometimes, inspirational) people, and slowly developing a a little understanding of a culture so different from my own” – Jenny May



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